True Pilates 

We do Pilates a little differently…

Introducing an authentic Pilates experience

At True Pilates, we’re dedicated to providing an authentic Pilates experience based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates himself.

We’ve created a unique approach to introduce you to this method, beginning with an essential series of private sessions.

Your Pilates journey with True Pilates


Private Session Introductory Series

No matter which stage of your Pilates journey you’re in, this introductory series is essential.

This is where your instructor will get to know you to determine your fitness goals, level of Pilates experience, and anything else we need to know to give you a tailored Pilates experience.

During those three private Pilates sessions. you’ll learn the foundations of classical Pilates based on your abilities, whether it be beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

At the completion of your introductory series, you’ll have an increased level of awareness of your body. You’ll be right on track for the next steps of your Pilates journey, as you’re guided towards the path best aligned with your goals.

This series is a compulsory element to your True Pilates journey, as it empowers us to deliver a Pilates workout perfectly suited to you. Once you have completed this series, you may choose whether to continue with private or group classes, or a mix of both.


Private Sessions Path

This path is perfect if you desire a 1:1 Pilates experience that delivers a closer connection to your body and your instructor.

You’ll continue to work on your personal fitness goals, focusing on the traditional Pilates method.

To get the most out of your private sessions, we recommend booking at least two per week.


Group Classes Path

In group classes, you’ll take part in traditional Pilates workouts with 4-5 others.

These classes feature progressive learning and continuously increased flow for more challenging workouts.

To get the most out of group classes, we recommend booking 2-3 times per week.


Mixed Private & Group Sessions

The ultimate choice for a well-rounded Pilates workout.

Mixing private and group classes means you’ll learn the traditional Pilates method throughout your 1:1s, while testing your body’s limits during the group classes.

We recommend two sessions per week for this style.

Get the most out of your Pilates journey

The Pilates method is most effective when you commit to your weekly practice and goals.

By committing to consistency and making this promise to yourself, you will quickly reap the benefits of the traditional Pilates methodology.

Get started and book your Introductory Series today, or please contact us for more information.